A Substantive Conversation with Mr. Trump


Mr. Trump explaining how he will take on ISIS

Interviewer: Welcome to the program, Mr. Trump. We are glad to have you here. Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule. This will be a conversation about the various issues that confront America and the world at this moment. There are issues that as a President you may have to handle on a daily basis. Since we are just two and a half weeks away from the election, the country is anxious to know what your stated position on these issues is and how you propose to handle these in great detail. So, let us have a sincere and detailed discussion on the various policy measures you are going to initiate as a President.

Trump: Yes please, bring it on.

Interviewer: Ok, Mr. Trump. As you might know, one of the concerns about your candidacy has been the relative lack of details behind the most conspicuous stands that you have taken. Let us take, for example, the economy. You promise to turn it around and bring back jobs to America. How are you going to do that?

Trump: Simple. We will renegotiate trade deals. This will reduce our imports and increase our exports. As you know when exports rise and imports come down, GDP increases.

Interviewer: Yes, that is right in a simplistic way. But when you start curbing imports, the cost of the things you cannot import rises. In other words, things become expensive for a lot of people. For example, if you start banning oil import, the price of oil shall sky rocket and this will have an impact on our economy. Besides, the other nations shall also reciprocate to such bans and there may also be trade wars, and the entire global economy may be affected.

Trump: Look, I will negotiate hard and I will negotiate tough. I am an amazing negotiator. Have you read my book “The Art of the Deal”?

Interviewer: No. But do you have any plans in mind how you are going to re-negotiate the trade deals?

Trump: Yes, of course, I have plans. But I cannot share them here. Otherwise, China and Mexico and Japan will come to know of them. One of the secrets of negotiation is to retain the element of surprise.

Interviewer: So you are basically saying that you have a secret plan up your sleeve, which you will use to make the trade deals sweeter for Americans and this shall bring back job to the Americans?

Trump: Yes. But please do also remember this. Our GDP is 1%. China’s GDP is 7% and they are ashamed of it. Completely ashamed. And look at us. At 1% GDP, we are so happy. Our political class has let us down. If China can have a GDP of 7%, why should we have a GDP of 1%?

Interviewer: You mean the GDP growth rate is 1%?

Trump: No, I mean the GDP. China has 7%. Most countries have more than 5%. We have 1% and we are happy with that? This is all because of lousy deals made by our politicians.

Interviewer: Mr. Trump that is the GDP growth rate. And China has a per capita income that is around one-tenth of the per capita income of US. Which is why, China can afford to grow at a much faster rate than US. Compared to other developed economies, US economy has actually been growing at a decent rate.

Trump: That is a load of made up statistics. Have you been to Ohio and Pennsylvania? I have been. And let me tell you this. People are dying there. They don’t have any job. All the jobs are in Mexico. All the jobs are in China. NAFTA has killed our economy.

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, experts reckon that NAFTA has had a minimal impact on the job situation in the US.

Trump: All these experts that you talk about, I know these experts. They are all dummies of Hillary Clinton. Do you think anyone believes these people? Do you know how much credibility they have? Zero. Nil.

Interviewer: Ok. But Mr. Trump, you have also proposed one of the largest tax cuts in modern history, one that will add trillions of dollars to the deficit. How do you propose to finance this deficit?

Trump: There will be no deficit.

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, all independent experts who have looked through your tax plan have said that it will add trillions of dollars to the deficit.

Trump: Let me tell you something. There is no such thing as an independent expert. An independent expert is an oxymoron.

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, this is actually common sense.  If you are cutting taxes, there will be less revenue and this gap needs to be financed. And you have not proposed any cuts in entitlement spending. So, how is this deficit going to be financed?

Trump: Look. We will cut taxes. This will spur the economy. Our GDP will become 7% like China. In fact, I tell you this. I will be the best job president ever. I will be the best GDP president ever. Your wages will go up so much that you will stop counting your money.

Interviewer: But, Mr. Trump, past tax cuts has not really translated into sustainable economic growth. And given the magnitude of tax cuts that you are proposing, the economy will have to grow like it is on steroids to keep the deficit under control.

Trump: We will do that. The economy will grow like it is on steroids. Look, our economy is rotten because our leadership is rotten. Once we fix our leadership, everything will be great again.

Interviewer: Mr. Trump, you will remember that we had similar tax cuts during the Bush era. The deficit went up dramatically after that. But you are saying that in spite of having an even larger tax cut as proposed by you, our deficit will actually come down?

Trump: Yes, it will. Look, you are comparing me with George W Bush. I mean come on. Did you see what I did to his brother during the Primaries? And that guy was supposedly the smarter one in the family. Let me just tell you one thing. If I had been your president instead of George W Bush, there would have been no 9/11, there would have been no Iraq War, there would have been no housing crisis. In fact, you would have got a raise and a promotion and would have by now become the head of this network studio.

Interviewer: Umm…okay. You just mentioned that there would have been no Iraq war had you been the President. But Mr. Trump, there are a number of credible evidences that suggest that you had in fact supported the Iraq invasion at the time it happened.

Trump: Look, just speak to Sean Hannity, will you? I had a conversation with Sean Hannity where I told him that we are doing an incredibly stupid thing by getting into Iraq.

Interviewer: Was it a public conversation? Do you have a record available anywhere?

Trump: No, it was a private conversation. More like a locker room talk. There is no record. At least, I do not have it. May be, the guys at Wikileaks do.

Interviewer: So, you are basically asking us to disregard the public records available where you go on the record to support the Iraq War and instead trust you on your words that you have opposed the Iraq War, with no evidence to back it up whatsoever?

Trump: Yes, what is wrong with that?

Interviewer: Ok. Now coming back to the issues, Mr. Trump, immigration has been one of the signature issues of your campaign. In fact, you have proposed to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. But you do know that net immigration from Mexico has been close to nil in the last few years. And most of the undocumented immigrants are people who get in legally and overstay their visas, not people who sneak in through a porous border.

Trump: Look, again you are quoting some experts. I will tell you this. I went to the border and I spoke to the border patrol agents. They told me that they are rooting for me. I am the only guy who can make their lives easier. Our borders are currently open and rapists, murderers and drugs are pouring in through them. I assume a few good people are also coming.

Interviewer: But again, as I told you, net immigration from Mexico has actually been falling. And why would Mexico want to pay for a wall? How will you force them to do so?

Trump: I will build a wall. It will be a big, beautiful wall. I am a builder; I know how to build a wall. And I am an awesome negotiator. I will negotiate so hard that Mexico will come begging to us with the money to build the wall. Building things and negotiating deals – these are two things I have been doing all my life.

Interviewer: Mr. Trump, you have been arguing that the free inflow of immigrants has led to unchecked rise of crime in our cities. But actually, crime rates have come down a lot from their historic highs and although it has gone up slightly in the last one year, it is nowhere close to the level of the nineties. And research also indicates that first generation un-documented immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes as it will increase their chances of getting deported.

Trump: Look, I am telling you time and again. I do not believe in these so-called experts. The people I believe in are the small town folks. I believe the mother of the child who got raped and brutally murdered by an illegal. Try telling that mother that illegal immigration is good for our country.

Interviewer: But, Mr. Trump, That is a single, isolated incident. If we look at the overall data, such crimes are far less likely to be committed by a first generation undocumented immigrant.

Trump: I do not believe in data. These are all made up statistics. If you want to stay in a country without borders, you are welcome to stay there. But, let me tell you, if I become President, this anarchy will come to an end. We will have a border. We will have a wall along the border. And we will round up and deport all the illegals that are in this country.

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, how will you achieve that? There are some 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. How are you going to round up all of these people and send them back home? Experts say this will a very costly project that will tear families apart and cause mayhem.

Trump: President Obama has been deporting illegal aliens, too. But that is never mentioned by the biased media.

Interviewer: Yes, that is true. But you are proposing to do it on a different scale; deport each one of the 11 million people. How are you going to find them and how are you going to deport them?

Trump: If Obama can deport 11 people, I have the ability to deport 11 million people. I can tell you that. Look, our country needs proper leadership. If we give them proper leadership, everything else will fall into place. Today, our border patrol agents are dispirited because the President does not have their back. We need to have the back of the law enforcement agents.

Interviewer: Okay, Mr. Trump. Now moving on to foreign policy. You have been harshly critical of the foreign policy of President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Please tell us what you will do differently than them.

Trump: The Obama-Clinton doctrine of the foreign policy has been a disaster. A complete, utter disaster. They have literally created the ISIS out of thin air. In 2007, there was no Obama and there was no ISIS. In 2016, we have Obama and we have ISIS. In 2017, we will have no Obama and we will have no ISIS.

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, what specifically are you going to do that will be different from what the President is doing?

Trump: Look, I cannot tell you at this moment. I do not want to put out my plan, mention every single detail and warn the ISIS before we come hunting for them. That is irresponsible. That is what our dumb politicians like Obama and Clinton would do.

Interviewer: So, again, you are asking voters to just trust you on your words?

Trump: I can tell you this. We will be taking their oilfields.

Interviewer: So would we having more US troops on the ground?

Trump: No, absolutely, not.

Interviewer: Then how are we going to take their oilfields?

Trump: I cannot tell you that.

Interviewer: But what about Syria? You have advocated for aligning with Russia in Syria and fighting the ISIS together. Do you think you can trust Russia?

Trump: Look, we have some rebels on the ground we have been supporting. But we have no idea who the rebels are. And Russia is killing those rebels. Russia is killing ISIS. If Russia is doing the job for us, why should we be bothered?

Interviewer: But Mr. Trump, a lot of members of your own party are uncomfortable with your obeisance to Russia and especially, Mr. Putin. Do not you think we should not risk ceding the control of Syria to Russia?

Trump: I know Assad is a horrible person. But Russia is helping kill ISIS. Assad is helping kill ISIS. ISIS is a bad thing. Let Russia and ISIS fight each other in Syria.

Interviewer: But what about our Arab allies in the region? And you do know that Assad and Russia are mostly killing our allies on the ground, instead of going after ISIS.

Trump: To hell with these allies. Do you call countries like Saudi and Qatar allies? I will rather have allies like Russia.

Interviewer: You know that Iran is one of the strongest allies of Russia and has been supporting Russia and Assad in their operations in Syria. But you have strongly criticized Secretary Clinton who has been one of the architects behind the Iran nuclear deal. You have also criticized the START deal with Russia, saying that it is too favourable to Russia. . If your goal is to improve relations with Russia and Iran, why should these deals be a problem?

Trump: Russia and Iran are our enemies now. We cannot give them good deals. Once I become president, our relationship will improve and we will get better deals.

Interviewer: So you are criticising Secretary Clinton for doing the same thing that you are proposing to do.

Trump: I will do it better. Way, way, better.

Interviewer: You also made the accusation that the ongoing offensives in Mosul are meant to pave the way for Iran to take over Iraq. But ground reports indicate that Shia forces are not involved in the offensive. Rather it is being carried out by a mixture of Kurdish and Sunni forces. Given this, what could you possibly have done differently as a President in Mosul?

And also given a preference between ISIS and the alliance of Russia and Iran, you have said you would prefer the latter. So if ISIS is being driven away from Iraq, even if it results in increasing influence of Iran on the country, how is it bad from your standpoint?

Trump: Mosul is just a conspiracy. They are carrying an attack right now just to make Hillary look good before the election. If I had been president, we would have never lost Mosul. There would have been no ISIS. Iran would still be struggling under sanctions. And Putin would have been riding on horses in the streets of New York.

Interviewer: You have also mentioned that the attack on Mosul should have been carried out without any warning. But this is a complex operation involving a massive mobilization of troops from different ethnicities and factions. ISIS would have known about it anyway. The citizens of Mosul also need to be forewarned about the attack to minimize casualties. Many army generals have said that this kind of statement betrays a lack of understanding about the military and the ground situation in Iraq.

Trump: I know more about ISIS than the generals. Trust me, if I had been the President, ISIS would have never happened. These generals should be ashamed that ISIS was conjured out of thin air, under their watch. I would just fire this current crop of incompetent generals like a bunch of dogs.

Interviewer: Okay we are coming to the end of our interview here, Mr. Trump. So, in a nutshell, what I get is that your entire policy on economy, immigration and foreign affairs is based on the premise that revealing the gory details would harm your ability to negotiate or strike your enemies. So the voters should just trust you to do a sterling job once you are in office.

Trump : Yes. And do remember this. We will eliminate ISIS. We will build a wall. We will re-negotiate our trade deals. We will make our cities free of crime. We will bring back new jobs. We will repeal and replace Obamacare. We will restore dignity to this country. We will make America great again. Thank you.


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